Regatta Racing

Are you looking for a corporate day with a twist? Something special to really create a long-lasting impression?  Is your group competitive?

If this sounds like what you are looking for, a regatta yacht racing day with Sailing Logic provides an exciting activity day in the Solent. Great fun and with a brilliant racing twist, your employees or clients will be talking about this for months to come!

A regatta day suits larger groups, and after a period for a practice warm-up sail, each team races against each other in a well organised race, overseen by a committee vessel complete with starting gun and flags!

Each team will be on an identical, high-performance yacht with a qualified skipper on board - as each boat is the same, the results come down to team-work!

Suitable for a single day or two-day event, a regatta is a great way to encourage inter-departmental competition, or invite your business partners to take part in an on the water competition. Add a networking dinner or BBQ, perhaps with prizegiving, for a truly memorable event.

L2 In Barts Bash

Crew participation is actively encouraged on our regatta racing days, so our excellent racing skippers will encourage full involvement - allowing the day to run at a pace that suits your group.

Safety is always a priority at Sailing Logic and a comprehensive safety brief will be given before any sailing commences. Full safety equipment is provided on board including a lifejacket and waterproofs for everyone. 

Typical Itinerary:

          9.30am - Welcome breakfast served at designated marina (usually Southampton or Hamble)
          10.00am - Safety brief delivered on board by skipper
          10.20am - Solent based training morning
          12.30pm - Pause the action for a delicious racing deli-lunch on board
          2.00pm - Racing starts! 2 or 3 short races to provide plenty of winning opportunities
          4.30pm - Return to base marina. Afternoon tea and cake or Pimms served to hungry sailors! Depart at leisure or commence evening activities.

We offer a range of yachts for charter to suit your group size and budget. 

To find out more or for an obligation free quote, pleace call us on 023 80 456 360 or email us.

Availability. We run corporate days from March - November. Please contact us for availability, which will depend on the boat type and number required.  

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5 ways a Sailing Day can boost team performance 

Team sailing days are more than just great fun - they actually improve team and company performance. Sailing, especially with the added twist of racing, provides the perfect environment to develop a high-performance team. Here's how...

1. Breaking Down Barriers. The group team will have to work together throughout the day, to trust each other and to communicate regardless of their work-place hierarchy, roles and interactions. People will form bonds and speak to colleagues they may have never spoken to before! This opens the flow of communication in the workplace - leading to a more effective way of working.

2. Employee Engagement. Everyone gets involved in learning how to sail and race the yacht. When people feel involved and included, they are more engaged in the activity, participate more actively, generate new ideas and make a positive contribution. This feeling of engagement is transferred back to the workplace.