Yacht Racing the Sailing Logic way

Welcome to the exciting world of yacht racing with Sailing Logic!

Join Sailing Logic for a single race event or pick-and-mix your favourites for a fabulous year of racing, there is no long term commitment required.

You will join a crew of between 8-10 individuals, along with a professional, qualified racing skipper and first mate. Most events include a training day so you will quickly learn to work as a team, enabling you to compete effectively.

We hand-pick our skippers for their non-shouty approach, as well as coaching and sailing excellence. Roles are agreed at the beginning of the event, so each time you join us you will learn something new!

Please note - we don't take passengers!

Introduction To Racing
Perfect for beginners
Inshore Racing
Fast paced day racing 

Offshore Racing
Longer, overnight races

Race Training
Boost your racing skills


If you don't know where to start, don't be shy, contact us for a chat! 

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Recent Comments

Race Development 2016

"What an enjoyable weekend.There is so much to learn and assimilate that I can fully understand why some people repeat it in order to gain as much benefit as possible" - Chris H

Introduction To Racing 2016

"I had such a wonderful experience, I laughed myself silly but also learned a load – the banter and bravado was amazing and while our result was… well it wasn’t really… But I can confidently say that it became irrelevant because we were all enjoying the experience so much!" Steve  H

Winter Series 2015

"Sailing Logic came highly recommended as a race and sail training company.  With 2 weekends experience I know first-hand why.  I got in the car yesterday, exhausted, sore and happy with life.  Please pass my thanks to all involved not just the front line guys." M S

Dartmouth 2015

"Just to say 'thanks' another lovely holiday... people, sailing and team... plenty of sun provided and even wind appeared..  great training and racing!" L S

Race Development 2015

"I had the most fantastic weekend. Really enjoyable .. thank you so much"

Spring Series 2015

"Need new whiteboard pens - but the boat was perfect, and the skipper and mate were just great!"

"Initially I struggled with my lack of experience compared to everyone else, but I learnt SO much."

Introduction to Racing 2015

"I have done a fair amount of cruising but wanted to try something different, but not as a holiday. I didn't really know what to expect but I know I learned a huge amount in a short time! The skipper and mate were brilliant and the boat was the shiniest schoolboat I have been on!"

RORC Caribbean 600 2015

"Just brilliant!" 

"Two great co-skippers; gave you absolute confidence in all situations"