Individual RORC Races

If you are looking for a weekend of adventure and challenge - the RORC offshore races are perfect for you!  

Each race is organised by the Royal Offshore Racing Club, and follows a different course, with its own set of challenges, so every race is a new adventure!

With our well-maintained racing yachts and top racing skippers, Sailing Logic have secured some fantastic results in the RORC offshore races over the past few years - and if you're looking to actively contribute to a competitive team, to help continue this winning trend - then we'd love you to hear from you. 

For more information contact us on 023 80 456 360 or email us.  

Experience all the adventure of offshore RORC racing in the following weekend events.

 Rolex Middle Sea race

1. The RORC Cervantes Trophy Cup (May Day Bank Holiday)

The first UK offshore RORC race of the season, the RORC Cervantes Trophy Race will start on Saturday TBC. You will race from Cowes to Le Havre in France with an expected race mileage of 95-140NM plus the return cruise.

As the race starts at 0950 on Saturday morning, we suggest a Friday evening meet (7-7.30pm*  to allow time for a crew get-together and dinner. The race heads to France, allowing for some time ashore before sailing back to Hamble to arrive on Monday -  Racing on board one of our Beneteau First 40 yachts.  

Dates:  TBC          Cost: £395 per person                       Book On!       

2. RORC DeGuingand Bowl

The RORC DeGuingand Bowl is normally between 110 and 160nms. Starting in Cowes, the 24-36hr long course takes yachts around bouys before crossing the finish line in the Solent. This is a great race for those who are either new to offshore racing, or don't have the time to do the longer distance races.

Dates: TBC             Cost: £325                  Book On!

3. RORC Myth of Malham (Eddystone) Race 

The RORC Myth of Malham race is also referred to as the 'Eddystone' Race, as the course takes you West around the Eddystone lighthouse and back. One of the longer weekend RORC races at 230nM this is a non-stop thrill-ride. Typically it is upwind to the lighthouse and a downhill spinnaker run back!  

The race starts at 0950 so we meet Friday evening (7-7.30pm)* for a crew get-together and dinner before the race starts on Saturday morning. The race usually takes 2 days, so you can expect to return to Hamble on the Monday.

Dates:  TBC         Cost: £445 per person                      Book On!        

4. RORC Morgan Cup Race 

The Morgan Cup will race to St Peterport.  The race will start Friday evening so we meet Friday afternoon in Hamble. You can expect to enjoy Saturday dinner ashore, followed by an overnight sail back to arrive late afternoon/early evening on Sunday.  

Meet in Hamble between 2-2.30pm Friday TBC. Racing on board one of our fantasic Beneteau First 40's

Dates:  TBC     Cost: £395 per person                Book On!     

5. RORC St Malo Race 

One of the most popular RORC races, you can enjoy not just a great race to St Malo, France but also enjoy a lovely evening ashore in a beautiful old French town, followed by a lovely delivery sail back usually via the Alderney races.

Starting at 1050 Friday  you will head out accross the Channel, racing through the night as you pass the Casquets lighthouse arriving in to St Malo Saturday afternoon/evening.  The race nearly always involves some challenging wind conditions around the Channel Islands! After a celebratory dinner ashore, you will depart on Sunday morning for the delivery sail back to Hamble, arriving late Sunday / early Monday morning. Approx 175nM + cruise back. Meet in Hamble on Thursday evening (7-7.30pm)*.

Dates: TBC            Cost: £445                     Book On!      

Offshore Racing RBI

6. RORC Channel Race. 

The Channel Race which is a normally between 100 and 140nms. Starting in Cowes, the 24hr long course takes yachts around bouys before crossing the finish line in the Solent. This is a great race for those who are either new to offshore racing, or don't have the time to do the longer distance races.

Dates: TBC            Cost: £395 PP                    Book On!       

 7. Rolex Fastnet Race

Take part in the world's most famous offshore yacht race. See more on our Fastnet Campaign page.      


 8. RORC Cherbourg Race. 

The final RORC race, the Cherbourg Race is usually a great social opportunity as well as a closely fought race! The race starts on the evening of Friday 2nd September at 1850 and will head straight to Cherbourg, where you and your crew will enjoy all the end-of-season celebrations ashore before cruising back overnight to arrive back in Hamble Sunday late morning/early afternoon. Approx 75nM + cruise back.

Meet in Hamble between 2-2.30 pm on Friday 1 September. Racing on one of our fantastic Beneteau First 40.

We are very excited to also be racing BOB - Farr 52 for this race for a quicker and more technical package

Dates: TBC           Cost: £395 per person (First 40)          Book On!         


What is included? 

Race entry and mooring fees, racing programme as outlined above, professional racing skipper and mate, accommodation on board, food aboard yacht whilst racing or training.  

*Meeting Times

For evening meets we encourage you to arrive between 7-7.30pm to join the rest of the crew for an informal dinner. The boat will be available from 5pm if you'd like to get involved in some of the boat prep and we request you arrive no later than 8.30pm in order to allow time for a safety brief and organise sleeping arrangements. 

Downloadable Forms:

RORC Races Booking Form  

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Whilst it is not a requirement, we recommend that you ensure that you have an up-to-date RYA Sea Survival and World Sailing Offshore Safety certificate, before taking part in these races.