Own Boat Tuition & Coaching

Have you reached a stage where you are acheiving consistently average results - and you're not sure how to reach the next level? Or is there a particular area of weakness that needs developing but you're not sure how?  If so - then we can help. Whatever standard you are at you and your team will benefit from some coaching from one of our professional racing coaches.

At Sailing Logic we have a selection of some of the best yachtsmen and coaches in the world including local race-winning skippers to Olympic Team GBR Coaches. Their backgrounds and experience are diverse which gives an enviable range of skills. Whatever your requirements are we are able to help.

There is no point in having the best most expensive sails and all the latest gear if do not know how to optimize them to the full. A few hundred pounds spent on coaching will undoubtedly give you a greater increase in performance than a new genoa.

Our coaches will come out with your team, on your boat and will either help you with your training or race with you. Why not give our shorebased team a call to discuss your coaching requirements, we can then make objective suggestions and develop a coaching plan bespoke to your team.

The rates for coaching vary depending on the instructor, the location and the duration. From a single days coaching or bring your entire crew and boat along to our Race Development Course to benefit from dedicated on-board coaching as well as our classroom theory sessions and boat to boat video feedback.

To find out more please call our shore support team on 023 80 456 360 or e-mail info@sailinglogic.co.uk.

          Own boat coaching can be arranged to suit your requirements, weekends, single days or as part of a race campaign

Cost:  From £250+VAT per day for private own boat tuition