Utterly addicted...

Thank you SO, SO much!! I had one of THE BEST days of my life today and am now utterly addicted.

Dr Emma L. Doctor,

I haven't looked back...

I started sailing with Sailing Logic two years ago and haven't looked back; Quality of training, skippers and boats make it the best and most professional school I've raced with. Head and shoulders above other companies.

Clary G. Interior Designer,

Sailing Logic continue to deliver...

What I wanted when making the step from cruising sailing to offshore racing was a company with a great track record, great boats and people who listen and understand. I have done a race development course, a Fastnet campaign and the IRC Nationals. Sailing Logic continues to deliver on all three. 

Graham D. Graphic designer

A Fantastic Time...

Every time I go sailing with Sailing Logic I have a fantastic time! Not only are they excellent at what they do, it's obvious they love it and want everyone to love it too.

Jade T. Project Manager

Spinnaker Clinic 

Both Tim (skipper) and Rich (mate) are clearly possessed of both outstanding sailing and teaching skills - a combination which doesn't always go together! We had the chance to observe yachts racing in the Easter Challenge and encouraging to see that even professional crews still make errors. I enjoyed the weekend enormously!

John B

A privelge to race with a first rate racing boat...

The Caribbean 600 is a demanding race, many say more challenging than the Fastnet -  I believe there were 28 corners and about 80 sail changes!  Non-stop racing for 4 days and 3 nights with three 3-hour watches, 4 men per watch, was gruelling, especially when the standby watch and anybody else with nothing better to do were expected to hike out.  Sleep was a luxury none of us had much of.  However, we came first in our class, thanks primarily to our two excellent skippers, Ross and Tim, so it was well worth it!     

It was a privilege to see and experience how a first rate racing boat should be handled and I learnt a great deal.  My stipulation to Sailing Logic was that I wanted to see how a winning team was produced and Tim and Ross showed me just that.  Fantastic experience.

B Spencer 

The best way to learn and improve your racing...

I found sailing with Sailing Logic to be the best way to learn and improve my yacht racing - the whole Sailing Logic team have a passion for sailing that they want to share. I've raced in several events now and every time I have learned something new! 

Simon G. 

Living my dream...

I have been sailing with Sailing Logic for about three years now and loved every minute of it. Allie and her team have enabled me to achieve my life long ambition to sail 'properly' and on boats with skippers and crews that can and do win races. You only have to look at their racing results and every year they do well. I am living the dream, thanks to Sailing Logic. 

Barry - retired director

I've made life-long friends...

I signed up for the Round Ireland campaign in 2009 & was impressed right from the start at the professionalism received from Allie & team plus the quality & ability of Skippers and Mates.  Despite not being able to complete that campaign, I've made up for it since and keep coming back.  It's like being part a big family and I've made some life long friends!  I've learnt so much about how to sail let alone how to win races, so much so I'm hoping to be able to step up and be a race Mate next year!

Alex D. 

Incredible Experience...

Imagine applying the same level of concentration you need for a one hourround-the-cans race to a 600-mile offshore one.  I picked Sailing Logic for the 2012 Rolex Middle Sea Race after seeing their result in the 2012 Caribbean 600 - and I learned first hand how it's possible to race for 6 days at the highest level. Right to the finish line we were racing every second of the day as if the Solent, and the experience of sailing with the best racing skippers around is incredible.

David M
Tax advisor, 52 


Despite the weather on the RORC St Malo Race, it was a really relaxed environment giving a great opportunity to practice and build on what I've previously learnt.  I'm delighted we had a chance to play with the spinnaker!

Clipper Race Crew 2013-14 

Coming Back for more...

It was a fantastic trip I loved every minute even the bits I hated and I'm already planning my next trip :)  


Race Development 2012

"Great skipper + mate - I learned so much. An amazing weekend - thank-you!"  Fran B

"The quality of instruction was a real highlight - I learned new advanced techniques" Will H

"I gained a much better understanding of the positions and timing in racing" - H F 



One of my objectives for joining Sailing Logic for the RORC Caribbean 600 was to gain an understanding of race strategy and course planning and both Tim and Ross were very generous with their time giving detailed explanations of the thinking behind the decisions made throughout the race; then to acheive the end results (1st in class) as a product of that process was immensley enlightening!  

Both were very patient, taking the time to explain best practice for safe sail changes and trim - I even managed to trim the different kites on many occassions - something I had always wanted to do but not have the confidence in 'race mode' before. 

All in all a fantastic experience for me.  Thanks!!"
John M 

Never looked back...

I approached Sailing Logic when I wanted to learn to sail. Sharon helped guide me on the right courses to get started with, and then at each step, the different options open to me. With Sailing Logic's enthusiasm and passion, I progressed from the RYA Comp Crew to Day Skipper and now into yacht racing, and have not looked back since! I have joined a group of like minded people taking racing seriously, but having serious fun out there too; with that combination, you can't help but win!

Michele Rolfe
Commercial Solicitor 

A journey of transformation...

For me, learning to race in yachts was much more than a short-term pastime. I was looking to grow and develop my sailing skills with a professional organisation that was dedicated to teaching and serious racing. Sailing Logic has been able to take me on a journey of transformation over the years that makes me feel really proud.

Javier Diez-Aguirre 
Corporate Communications Director, 40


I have discovered a love of racing in a competitive team..

My first Sailing Logic experience was Cowes week in 2006 when after sailing for years I wanted to try racing. I loved it so much that since then I have completed another Cowes week, Spring Series, Winter Series, Round the Island and the Cervantes with them. I keep coming back because the skill of the skippers, the quality of the training and the organisation are second to none, I always meet like minded people and have a great time, the experience has really improved my sailing and I have discovered a love of racing in a competitive team. Winning the winter series this year was brilliant! What Sailing Logic offers is unique and I would recommend them to anyone. 

Lucy Glover 
IT Project Manager, 42


I have joined the many numbers of Logic Addicts...

After completing the Fastnet '07 on a friend's boat, I was frustrated with the amount I still had to learn about racing. After researching all the various sailing schools, I signed up to the Winter series with Sailing Logic. I learnt more in that 1st weekend than I had the entire year before and have raced over 7000 miles on Puma Logic since, as well as completing my Yachtmaster. There is no escaping the fact that I have joined the many numbers of Logic Addicts.

The most important thing to me about Sailing Logic is that I am treated in the way a professional racer would be. I am not a customer or client, I am a critical and accountable part of a winning team - a team that is usually laughing and joking all the way to the finish line.

I have been taught about and been able to try all the various positions on a yacht and having decided bow is what I enjoy most, I have been allowed to stay up there and hone my skills. I have attended many of the classroom lessons on race tactics and strategy that form part of a Sailing Logic campaign. I have learnt the ongoing maintenance requirements for a yacht during an long ocean race, including engine and keel bolt checks, sail repairs, rig tuning and have even had the chance to go up the mast a few times!

And importantly, I have made friends for life and have found a way to leave work stresses on the pontoon without a backward glance as we sail off for another adventure.

Becki Milton 
Operations Manager, 33


I keep going back for more...

For the past 4 years in Sailing Logic I found "patience" and the ultimate balance to hectic London Life. Where or what else can provide a complete novice such a satisfactory challenge, contestant learning, great fun, real and sociable teamwork with empathic people who become friends for life…. I keep going back for more… 

Mairead Boland 
Recruitment, 30